For the last few years I have been invited to take part in the fantastic Google Zeitgeist and this year is no exception. I am looking forward to making the trip to Arizona. The talks are always interesting and the people vary from world leaders, tech savvy types and all other sorts in between.

Here’s a video from a previous conference where Stephanie Flanders of the BBC questions me about the European bailout.

Check out the rest of my talks at Google Zeitgeist and lots more here.

Travelling the world in this capacity is and has been a great experience, because the more I get out and about, the more I learn. Listening to new people with new ideas helps me challenge myself.

Looking at my diary you can see I am travelling a lot in North America and Canada. I try to do public events when I am travelling, so if I am going to be near where you live, and you think you’d like to come, listen and chat why not see whether we can make something happen. Contact me at

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