Start with the wealthiest Irish citizen. Tax them the difference in wealth between them and the 2nd wealthiest Irish Citizen. Then take the 2nd wealthiest citizen and tax them the difference between them and the 3rd wealthiest Irish citizen. Then take the 3rd wealthiest Irish citizen and tax them the difference between them and the 4 wealthiest Irish Citizen and so on all the way down the line to the poorest Irish worker.

There are 5 billionaires registered as Irish citizens. Under this proposal the wealthiest Irish citizens would be required to make the greatest financial contribution to their country, but this is not an attack on them or a judgement of any kind. At the end of the tax day, the rich list remains in order. The wealthiest man stays at the top. The poorest guy stays at the bottom. No loop holes, no exceptions.

This is a solution that gets Ireland the cash we need right now without hurting anyone or affecting their lifestyle. It could be done once every 10 years. The amount each person pays during their lifetime would average our relative to their wealth. First time round you could end up paying a little more than the guy above you, but next time things would even out, relatively speaking.

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