We have had the Emperor’s New Clothes act and before we close with the final act of Humpty Dumbty fell off the wall we have to endure the Mad Cowan’s Tea Party.

A defunct politcal system with a curtain backdrop portraying a delusion of democracy where TDs are a useful as a mules tool in a stud farm in a shambolic parliamentary debate purporting the rigors of adversarial arguements talking dross. These actors are over paid thus disconnected from reality.

A nation subjected to yellow pack leaders of little substance even less credibility with absolutely no intellect. Tomorrow the golden circle chalice will be filled with the blood of the ordinary citizen to stain the soul of our future.

By any chance would there be any real leaders out there capable of wearing the red cloak to give us a New World Order that we want rather than the one to which we will be shackled.

Would there be any chance that Brian Lenihan would have the guts to purchase at 5cent for every €1 implement balance payments to recapitalise via Debentures or adroit Ordinary Equity and do every citizen in Ireland a great favour and leave the chalice empty put an end to the golden circle so a real substantive wall can be built and Joe Citizen will deliver the new Humpty Dumpty.

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