Economics Without Boundaries – with David McWilliams

This course is a fascinating collection of information, ideas and dynamic animations, which will help you understand not just what is happening in the world economy right now, but why it is happening.

Delving deep into economic history, we look at how what happened back then can help us understand the world better. We creatively explore trends and activities to lift the lid on why our economy works as it does, why the authorities react as they do and how all this trickles down to us all, affecting your livelihood, prospects and income.

This course takes a completely novel approach – one you will not see anywhere else – that makes your educational experience more like watching a lively documentary than sitting in a dry classroom. We really believe that, when it comes to understanding our world through economics, what is important is rarely complicated and what’s complicated is rarely important.

We make economics simple, easy to understand, and we have removed the financial doublespeak which so often clouds our understanding of global events. Our mission is to educate our community in a clear, logical way so that when you’re done you can join the dots and understand how what goes on in the bigger world affects your daily life. The global economic system is broken down into bite-size chunks and explained clearly and in a fun way.