Construction & Policy
Fibre Ducting in new houses & estates:
Every new housing and industrial development built must be built with open access infrastructure in mind. In addition to sewerage, telecoms, electricity and gas infrastructure, each new house, flat, development must include at least one 110mm empty duct going from inside the premises to the ‘kerb’. This duct should link into a core central duct placed in all new roads.

Thus every new development in Ireland will have an accessible open access network, managed by the local authorities, available to telecommunications, cable and other service providers. It will add value to new property, future proofing it for generations to come and would be very cost efficient if the developers put it in at the beginning. It would also cut down on road openings and more efficient traffic. This would be a planning permission requirement by the Local Authority.

All new roads, from cul-de-sac to motorway, also include open access ducting commensurate with the size of the road. The ducting would facilitate Suggestion 15 and provide much needed open access backhaul to regional towns. This duct is in addition to duct the NRA or other authorities may require. This ‘new’ ducting will be managed locally by the L.A. but the intra-regional routes (dual carriageways etc) would be managed by an MSE, providing much needed competitively priced backhaul to smaller MANs and towns.

Irish Digital Educational Archive & Library \’\’
All accredited third level institutions in receipt of grants from the State should be obliged to collect all future thesis and non-commerical key academic papers in a digital format. Under amended copyright law (akin to TCD), these papers should be provided to a central repository to provide an ever expanding free national digital archive.

IT in Schools:
Every teacher to be provided with a standard issue laptop; which can connect to fixed classroom projectors. This will allow teachers display content to their classes and move beyond the blackboard into dynamic content. It would liberate the educational delivery system.

Every student to be provided with a standard issue laptop. This will get students as familiar with a keyboard as they are with a pen. The laptops and a series of discs should replace the school text book over time.

Schools are community focal points
Using the principles of open publishing websites like, school websites could become local focal points. With the rise in digital camcorders, cameras etc, recordings of school plays, inter school rugby matches, discussions on local interests, school websites could become centres for community initiatives and repositories for local digital content. They would become a dynamic local newsletter.

USO Broadband:
The USO for broadband access be directed to the State’s national broadcasting network – via the mast network. RTE Network’s be provided with funding to roll open access broadband services throughout rural Ireland. The network would need to be LLU’d, with other operators capable of offering their own product offerings on mast space in line with rules in the fixed line business.

PC Scrappage Scheme – to get more people online.
Similar to the car scrappage scheme of the Ninties, a PC/Mac scrappage scheme be introduced on all PC’s with an outdated operating system (eg: Win 95, Win 98) to help being the technology platform of citizens up to modern standards. The very low PC penetration rates in Ireland is one of the main reasons by broadband take up is so poor.

A €100 voucher could be redeemable against a new PC purchase within that tax year. While it is expected that scheme would pay for itself in VAT receipts from new PC purchases, it is recommended it be funded under the WEEE recycling fund.

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