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This website was set up eleven years ago. Jesus, time flies. Back in 2000, it was clear to me that we were at the beginning of a cycle which would see an enormous bout of credit-driven inflation, leading to a crash and giving way to a period of deflation and stagnation. This can be seen as a twenty year super-cycle which will take a few more years to complete.

Many argue that we can learn a lot from history so, as the archives on the site are now substantial, it is interesting to go back and see what was on my mind ten years ago and five years ago. As result, just for curiosity and also to keep us wise to the fact that what happened in Ireland can happen elsewhere in different assets or countries, I will post a link each week to what I was writing on that very week ten years ago and five years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

10 years ago this week
Borrowing Bubble About to Burst

5 years ago this week
Our Future is not in the EU Alone

Best and thanks for your support, comments, critiques and suggestions over more than a decade.


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