I’ve been involved in setting up a new website for the last few weeks – The People’s Economy.

Some information from the website:

What is The People’s Economy?

The People’s Economy is an information hub, a new resource for citizens and candidates to help us understand the labyrinthine mire that is Ireland’s current economic predicament. Created by a core group of independent economists and dedicated volunteers, The People’s Economy is about cutting through the jargon, busting the myths, and asking the questions we need answering about the biggest issue of all: our economy.

The People’s Economy aims to provide all citizens with the tools to understand Ireland’s economic situation by turning econo babble into everyday language, providing the answers to frequently asked questions regarding our economy, identifying and busting common myths about what is happening in Irish economics, suggesting key questions to ask candidates.

The People’s Economy aims to provide candidates running for election with clear and easy-to-understand information about economics and even better, it’s all free!

A Volunteer Effort

This time, with this election, it’s personal. Volunteers got involved, some from a sense of powerlessness in the face of the greatest economic catastrophe to hit our society, others from a sense of civic duty. All want to make some kind of contribution, even a small one, to the fulfillment of this Ireland’s future potential as an independent nation.

So, instead of yelling in frustration at the telly of a wet evening, we answered the call to help get information out there, so that we can all make informed decisions in the upcoming election.

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