As usual David, your logic and analysis is engaging, practical and to to some extent inspiring.
However, the missing link continues to exist. Your ideas are good (possibly brilliant) but who is going to action them. I am sure you know that the establishment will not do a volte face, they have already made their decisions. It\’s a done deal apart from the usual fake-sincere verbal gymnastics.
A radical alternative to the establishment needs to be put to the Irish public. You are the man to do it. Name 3 or 4 credible business leaders in each key area. Put it to them to be patriotic, for say the next four years, and run this leaky ship. Ask the public to approve it and away we go. If we don\’t then the eejits, cute hoors and shameless leeches will run the country further into the ground while salvaging whatever than can for themselves. Time to Step up to the plate for all of us!!!!

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