This idea is so simple and obvious I hope it\’s not already here (although I have looked!). People on social welfare should be able to keep their payments while employers top them up to market rates.

This would encourage employers, like me, to recruit in a time when expansion is very difficult to finance. The will to expand is closely related to confidence. Even though your gut might tell you there is an opportunity out there, you won\’t take the plunge if you are worried about how you will fund it if it all goes pear-shaped. Reducing the cost of recruitment will stimulate employment for companies in growth markets. And believe me, there are plenty of opportunities out there. All the evidence is that we are transitioning from the Industrial Revolution to the Carbon Revolution and this will stimulate huge opportunities for people who are brave and visionary enough to go for them. We work with innovative start-ups of all sizes and are fortunate enough to have clients in areas where they are experiencing significant growth.

As an aside, I also think the Social Welfare should set up a register of people who are willing to work on a short-term intern basis with suitable companies. This way companies access talent while people on social welfare keep their skills nice and sharp.

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