There has has been a lot of talk and rumours of people scamming the system, and even foreign people flying into the country with the sole purpose of collecting our generous dole, I think our system needs to be tweaked and better monitored. My suggestion would be to bring in finger print analysis, meaning every time a person draws their dole they will need to register via photo ID and finger print. This would certainly put a stop to duplicate scammers. Also cross referencing names with flight records to put a stop to this nonsense of giving money away to non nationals to bring home.

I also have the idea of implementing a live register where anybody could log on via a web page, to see the exact amount of people claiming welfare and what it costs the state each week, together with statistics and trends etc. I think this would be a great measure of our governments success because for me, really the bottom line is the less people claiming welfare the better we are doing as a country.

As a man in my twenties I know a lot of people getting €200 a week, blowing €150 on drinking binges and the rest on food. What I am getting at here, is single men / women do not need €200 a week. After an initial period of trying to get back into employment (maybe 3 months) I feel it would be fair demand these people to either up skill themselves or work a 3 day week for government run projects or else take a cut. 2 free days a week for interviews should be enough. This might all sound a little socialist but we gave an inch and now we have people running a marathon on our system.

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