1) Utilise our people in the public sector. We know there is waste there so have each and every one of the admin staff suggest savings in operational expenses/work practices. For each suggestion, the staff member receives a percentage of that saving as a bonus. Put a two week deadline on suggestions and I am sure they would come flooding in. People need incentives and I`m sure the guys in the public sector want to do their bit. They know what`s going on better than any Bord Snip. Micro-manage.

2) I recently helped an Irish company to find 50 potential new customers here in Germany. The Irish company would have found it difficult to locate these companies so quickly as many of the internet sites were in German only. So set up a website for the Irish abroad so they can let people know where they are and how they can help.

3) Use the newly unemployed. These people are in need of social inclusion. Many of them have various skills whether it be in building, managing finances etc. Set up a website which advises them of projects in their local community which they can help out on e.g. maintainance on the local school. They should even be allowed to receive a small contribution of money in addition to their dole for this without any hassle. There is a similar scheme run here in Germany already. It will generate self esteem and hopefully bring communities together which is much needed in Ireland.

4) Food. The organic food market has exploded in Europe with demand almost outstripping supply. There has been little movement on this in Ireland, even though we have a better climate than in Europe for this. Ireland`s nickname in Germany is The Green Island. We should be marketing this but all I see sold here is Kerrygold. Also harnessing our energy but others have already mentioned this.

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