The Pope’s Children

Hello boys. And girls. Meet the Pope’s Children, the products of the Wonderbra effect in Irish life. Meet the new Irish generation, born either side of the Pope’s visit, who have been squeezed into the middle and lifted up by the Celtic Tiger.
Meet the huge new Irish middle class: young, sassy and successful.
The Pope’s Children is an antidote to the endless pessimism of the Commentariat, official Ireland’s gloomy opinion mongers, forever seeing a glass half empty that is in fact three-quarters full. There is a vast surge of ambition, new money, optimism and hope out there. That’s the real story: The Pope’s Children tells it – and tells it with style.

TV Series – In Search of the Pope’s Children: Watch the TV series online now.

DVD: Available on DVD now.


Funny irreverent, bitingly accurate and even-handed
Irish Times

A brilliant guide for the layman. A deft dissection of social mores. It is all great fun and , you’ll probably recognise yourself somewhere in there”
Irish Independent

It is bright, pacey clever and entertaining and full of attatude, not unlike the people it surveys.
The Village

The definitive description of the Ireland we live in. Read it and weep.
Sunday Tribune

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